About us

We are a global award-winning marketing firm.

Our purpose is to drive revenue & grow business through data-driven digital performance marketing.


We have worked with 20+ Brands.We have a strong understanding of Consumer behavior in India, UK and MENA countries. Industries we are expert in are Lifestyle, Fashion & Healthcare space.

Global Clients

Awards & Recognitions

Case Studies

  1. How we grew an Eyewear Company from $50k to $4 Mill Revenue.

2. How we turned around a Company using Strategic Alliance from the brink of shut down.

3. How a Lifestyle brand grew 5X through Licensing Deals and Co-brand collections

4. Using Performance Marketing to Scale a Social Media account to 500k followers

5. How we achieved 1 Mill+ Youtube view in 200k budget with an ROAS of 2.

6. How we acquired 5 mill users for an E-pharmacy App with a CAC of $5.


We personalize our services based on the need of the Business at that point of time.

Digital Performance Marketing through Data Analytics

Strategic Alliances & Licensing

Business Consultancy (For start-ups only)

Sister Concerns

We work along with our sister concerns to give you an Integrated 360 Marketing service.

Brand Strategy, Communication & Architecture.

PR & Influencer Marketing

Design & Social Media


Mariko Amekodommo

International Culinary Expert

Working with Khushboo and Manifestory brand communicatiom has been a pleasure each step of the way. One of the things that set them apart is how they have worked with me on brand positioning collaborations and sponsorships. They truly understand how to synergistically use PR and communication to build a brand for reaching the next level. I hired Manifestory to assist with PR for my personal brand Mariko Presents as an International Culinary Expert. When I'm not hosting food content, I am the founder of my own communications agency in India. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, I know the insides and outs but also realized I needed to hire outside management for my personal brand. For being new in the market, I have been impressed by their level of skill, network access and attentional details - even going beyond what would be expected from a traditional brand communications firm. I highly recommend Khushboo and MBC team and am personally excited to continue our relationship to reach brand goals and continued success.

Shripal Morakhia



What I really loved about home of marketing was their creativity and uniqueness about their ideas, they created my brand from scratch and made it look beautiful.